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5 Bottom Fishing Tips in Marbella

What is bottom fishing? The bottom fishing technique primarily involves placing the baited hook on the seabed, where various marine species reside and will come to feast.

5 Bottom Fishing Tips in Marbella: we can employ the technique of “chambel,” which involves using two hooks per rod. The bait we typically use for this type of fishing includes shrimp, squid, sardines, etc. This variety allows us to enjoy catching different species such as sea bass, bream, horse mackerel, and sea bream, which are usually found when bottom fishing in Marbella.

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Sea walk 4 hours


1. Select the right spot

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Researching bottom fishing spots in advance involves not only seeking places with potential catches but also understanding the marine environment. It’s crucial to consider factors such as water temperature, salinity, the presence of currents, and the topography of the seabed. Reefs often harbor a diverse range of marine life, providing shelter and food for many species.

Rocky drop-offs and mixed bottoms are also promising areas as they attract a variety of bottom-dwelling fish in search of food. Additionally, it’s helpful to talk to local fishermen and gather information about fishing patterns in the area, as well as consult nautical maps and applications that provide data on underwater topography.

2. Use natural baits for bottom fishing in Marbella

During winter, marine species can be more selective with their food due to decreased metabolic activity and lower food availability.

Therefore, the choice of natural, fresh, and local baits is crucial to attract fish.

Fresh shrimp, freshly caught squid, live sardines, or crabs are effective options that mimic the natural food of many target species. Additionally, the fresh and natural scent of these baits can enhance their attractiveness to fish, ensuring a higher success rate in fishing.

3. Adjust the depth and weight of the rig


The depth and weight of the rig are crucial aspects to consider to maximize the chances of catching fish. The choice of the appropriate depth will depend on the preferences of the target species and the conditions of the marine environment.

For example, some species like sea bass prefer to feed near the bottom, while others like horse mackerel may be more active in deeper waters.

Additionally, it’s important to adjust the weight of the rig to ensure that the bait stays on the bottom without being dragged by the current. Experimenting with different weights and depths can help determine the optimal setup for each bottom fishing situation in Marbella.

4. Be patient and keep the line tight

Bottom fishing requires a healthy dose of patience and attentiveness. Once you’ve cast the bait to the bottom, it’s important to keep the line tight and be alert for any movement or tug on the hook.

While fish may bite softly or subtly, keeping the line tight will allow you to detect even the slightest bites and respond quickly to ensure a successful catch.

For bottom fishing in Marbella, patience is key as it may take time to attract fish and achieve a bite. Maintain a calm and perseverant attitude, and eventually, you will be rewarded with a good catch.

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5. Prepare the equipment properly

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Before heading out for fishing, it’s crucial to ensure that all equipment is in optimal condition and ready for use. Thoroughly inspect fishing rods and reels for any possible damage or wear and make sure they are well lubricated and functioning properly.

Select sturdy and high-quality hooks that are suitable for the species you are targeting, and ensure you have enough bait and sinkers for the bottom fishing trip in Marbella.

Additionally, don’t forget to carry fishing tools such as pliers, line cutters, and nets, as well as safety equipment such as life jackets and locator devices in case of emergencies. Being well-prepared will allow you to enjoy a safe and successful bottom fishing trip in Marbella.


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Pesca en barco Lovit Charter Marbella

Bottom Fishing

At Lovit Charter, we aim to provide you with an unforgettable experience. For bottom fishing, we use the “chambel” technique, which involves using 2 hooks per rod. The recommended fishing time is about 4 hours.
Pesca en barco Lovit Charter Marbella


Boat fishing in Marbella at sea is advisable during the summer months when the water temperature is higher and Atlantic Ocean fish enter the Mediterranean Sea.

Family-friendly fishing for children.

Is your child a nature lover or enjoys outdoor activities? Lovit Charter Puerto Banús offers the opportunity for you to enjoy fishing in Marbella with your children, connecting with the environment

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