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Sales, cancellation and return policy

Sale and payment policy
Boat providers require the rental price (full or partial) to be paid to guarantee rentals. You will be asked to guarantee your rental during the reservation process. Payment is processed securely from your credit/debit card or bank account to the boat provider’s bank account through a third-party payment processor. Please review the rental details thoroughly for payment terms before making your rental.

Cancellation policy
The company may unilaterally terminate this contract without the lessee or the other passengers being entitled to any refund or compensation for this cancellation when:

It is intended to use the boat for purposes other than those for which it is intended;
For non-compliance with any of the payments;
For breach of any of the terms of this contract;
For the sublease of the vessel without the written consent of the company.
The costs passed on to the lessee for early cancellation will be:
20% of the total rent if the cancellation is made before 60 days of boarding.
40% if it is between 30 and 60 days prior to shipment.
50% if it is between 30 and 15 days prior to shipment.
100% if it is during the 15 days prior to shipment.
Bad weather: In the event that the skipper determines that the weather puts the safety of the passengers at risk, and if an agreement is not reached between the company and the client to find an alternative date, the contract will be canceled and the lessor will return to the lessee the amounts delivered up to that moment less 10% for management expenses.
It will not be a reason for cancellation that the day of the Charter is cloudy or it is raining.
COVID-19 cancellation policy: “We offer special cancellation conditions with refund of all payments only in the following cases:
If the borders of the host country or of the traveler are officially closed on the charter date. – If a quarantine of 7 days or more is imposed on travelers returning from their holidays.
If navigation or non-essential trips are formally prohibited in the area where the boat rental begins or in the client’s place of residence, on the charter dates. The obligation to carry out a Covid-19 test (PCR) before or after the trip is not a sufficient condition to benefit from a refund. Also, transportation-related interruptions are not a sufficient condition for reimbursement.
The refund of the amounts paid will only be possible if all the contractual terms and conditions have been respected: signing of the charter rental contract, advance payment made and final payment made. ”
You can consult the terms and conditions as well as our Legal Notice