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Winter is coming and along with it are storms and storms.

In these rainy and cold months, fishing is practiced by many amateurs and professionals of this sport. Like all sports, and even more so having such a close bond with nature, you have to know perfectly every detail and techniques to develop each action that is carried out as best as possible.

For fishing, you need to know the materials and baits necessary for each season of the year to obtain the largest pieces each day.  Some appropriate example of the correct use of material may be the appropriate choice of lead; Now that times of greater tides are coming, a heavier lead is recommended and, if necessary, an anchor when falling so that they do not have large displacements with the marine currents. Fishing is a sport that depends a lot on the weather.

It is not always possible to carry out fishing in perfect weather conditions, so we will have to be prepared with material adapted to storms and rains.

In winter the great storms occur, which are meteorological conditions of strong winds and rainfall. The winds and tides with this force help move the seabed, an opportunity that many fish take advantage of to feed themselves.

From Lovit Charter Puerto Banus we are aware of the factors that are suitable for fishing on these dates and of the most appropriate materials and baits. In these winter months the catches that we obtain the most are; sea ??bream, bream, soldier bream, bream and bream.

We know that fishing from a boat is not the same as from the coast (surfcasting). Fishing from a boat requires better weather conditions in order to be safe on board. From Lovit Charter Puerto Banus they fish whenever it is safe and the weather permits.

The Costa del Sol suffers from strong winds during these months and that complicates navigation and anchoring of the boat. Fishing in Marbella is very well received by experts since it is an area where large fish are caught in the appropriate months. We encourage fishing lovers to try fishing from a boat one day and experience first-hand the bite of beautiful pieces such as snapper and bream.