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If you think fishing is a summer activity, you’re wrong! Winter is not only a great season to go fishing, but it also opens up a whole host of new opportunities as it is possible to fish for other species! 

However, this activity varies a lot depending on the time of year you want to go fishing, that’s why we offer you five important tips to keep in mind when you go fishing:

  • The bait

In winter the absorption of nutrients and digestion of the fish varies, it is slower, which is why one of the first tricks is to create a different bait for each season of the year. The necessary bait will vary according to the area where we are and the fish we want to catch. 

  • The water

As we already know the temperature of the water decreases at a slower rate than the air, that’s why looking for the areas with the best water quality will help us when fishing. Rent a boat with skipper at Lovit Charter and you can enjoy an incredible experience with great professionals

  • Schedules

The hours of sun and heat change when winter arrives, that’s why we must take into account that the behaviour of the species will also vary. Normally dawn and dusk are the best times for fishing. The best time in winter is usually between 9:00 in the morning and 16:00 in the afternoon. 

  • Wind

Studying and understanding where the wind is coming from will help us to know how warm the water will be. Winds blowing from the south are immensely more favourable than those coming from the north.

  • Species behaviour

It is important to know what species we are targeting and what we are trying to achieve. For this it is essential to know the behaviour of the species we want to fish for. The ideal in this case is to go with an expert who can explain both the area and the behaviour of the fish, so you can go on an expedition with friends on one of our boats with skipper


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