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Now that the good weather is starting and you have decided that you deserve to enjoy yourself, the big question is: Which is better: renting a sailing boat or a motor boat? What are the main differences?

At Lovit Charter we want to make it a little easier for you. Therefore, we are going to mention the advantages of each one and our different boats so that you can choose which one suits you best.

Sailing boats are known for their independence. They are considered to be the freest boats, and sailing them is an experience in itself. The advantages they offer us are:

  • It is the most ecological way to take a boat trip.
  • The sensation of freedom and tranquillity that they provide.
  • They are the quietest and most relaxing boats.

We currently have two sailing boats available: Dufour 450 Grandlarde ideal for activities with family or friends. Lagoon 380 ideal for exploring the corners of Marbella or enjoying a day’s fishing.

Motor boats are known for their comfort. The ease of movement gives an admirable autonomy. The advantages it offers are:

  • Total independence with the weather and the wind to be able to sail.
  • These boats are faster, which is why it will be possible to travel all the corners of Marbella with great ease.

At Lovit Charter we have three motor boats at your disposal: Astondoa 36 A perfect for fishing trips, Monterey 262 Cruiser ideal for trips at a higher speed and, finally, Mangusta 80 being our largest boat is ideal for all kinds of meetings, trips or stag and hen parties.

However, all our boats have a crew that will turn your boat trip into an authentic luxury experience, whether on a sailing boat or a motor boat.

Don’t wait any longer and come and enjoy with us.

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