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Boats, boats, we all love boats… fishing, relax, sailing, hen party? Looking for a different holiday?

One of the best ways to see Marbella is by boat. Discover the natural beauty, breathe fresh air, enjoy the views and share it with the best company.

The sea is a cool playground and a boat is the ticket to adventure. Have you tried the experience?

The good temperatures and the excellent weather invite to spend a day by boat. The options of boats and activities is very wide.  Choose between a boat ride, sport fishing or spend an afternoon boat trip with Friends. The magnificent beaches of the coast of Malaga are perfect for sailing and anchoring, practicing leisure activities and water sports. It is possible to have a relaxed boat trip, watch dolphins, watch the best sunset, or spend a fun day of fishing.

All in all a fantastic day out with Lovit Charter Boat. Lovit Charter, specialising in the rental of recreational and fishing boats, has a wide range of boats that will meet the requirements and needs of the traveler, which greatly facilitates the choice of the most suitable boat.

Lovit Charter proposes to spend a day in one of the most privileged ports in the Mediterranean and offers to their customers a great flexibility renting a boat. In addition, there’s plenty of beer, wine, Cava, and soft drinks to dip into with an experienced captain there to steer the way to a great luxury day out at sea.

Discovering the Costa del Sol while sailing is a really unique option, especially to companies like Lovit Charter. Marbella a place to discover!