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The sea is full of life and incredible species that, in some cases, are almost impossible to see, just as there are other species that live under the water that are not even known yet. The sea is and will remain a mystery to us.

That is why we find it so rewarding when we sail our charter boats with skipper along the Marbella Coast and spot wonderful creatures of the sea.

The Mediterranean Sea is home to thousands of marine species, as well as a passage to the Strait of Gibraltar for a large number of species (bluefin tuna, sunfish or sea turtles among others).

But we are also fortunate to have three species of dolphins that inhabit the waters off our coast on a permanent basis, the common dolphin, the striped dolphin and the bottlenose dolphin. These animals are popular for their intelligence, their movements and their friendliness with people.

The dolphins of the Mediterranean Sea were listed among the endangered species for more than a decade, although this is not the case today, as the dolphin population in the Mediterranean area is on the rise again.

Dolphin Watching

The dolphins of the Costa del Sol are recognisable by their short beak, the dark blue of their back and the light colour of their belly, together with their size. Their diet consists mainly of anchovies and sardines.

At Lovit Charter, dolphin watching is one of our star excursions and one that both adults and children love, a relaxing boat trip along the Costa del Sol with skipper and the chance to see these wonderful creatures, so if you are a lover of the sea and animals, this is definitely the excursion for you.

During the trip, you can enjoy drinks and snacks, while admiring the beauty of the Marbella Coast and the depths of the sea.

This excursion has an approximate cost from 45€ per person (calculated on 9 passengers). Included in the price: captain, fuel, various soft drinks, snacks and an unforgettable experience that will remain in your memories forever.