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Summer is in full swing, and it’s time to look for different activities and plans with the family. Sometimes it is difficult to make different plans with the little ones at home, but we have the perfect solution for you!

Is your child a lover of nature or outdoor activities? Lovit Charter Puerto Banus offers the opportunity for you and your children to enjoy nature and get in touch with the environment.

Fishing is a sport practiced by millions of professionals and/or animal and nature lovers of all ages. It is becoming more and more common to see the little ones at home enjoying a day of fishing with the family, getting to know new species and learning and putting their great knowledge into practice.

In our case, at Lovit Charter Puerto Banus, the fishing is done from the boat. We start with a good positioning in the area to be fished, and then we use the appropriate gear for the catches. Then, using the depth sounder, we measure the depth at which we are going to fish and proceed to place the bait. Don’t worry, all this process will be controlled by our professionals, and they will explain everything in detail.

When fishing with children, we put all our emphasis on making sure that the little ones on board have as much fun as possible, and on making them smile while they learn new concepts and become part of nature.

The first thing we explain is the parts of the fishing rods and tackle. At all times, the professionals will be watching and correcting each one of your movements to make you as comfortable as possible.

From Lovit Charter Puerto Banus, we recommend a maximum of 4 hours of fishing, enough time to make some catches and there is no room for boredom. The excitement and laughter will be present in every catch. Parents will also enjoy fishing or relaxing on the sunbathing mats in the bow with a refreshing drink.

The rates we offer at Lovit Charter Puerto Banus include the entire boat privately for the hours booked.

Included in the price of this excursion are; fuel, fishing tackle and bait, drinks and snacks. Any catches made belong to the people on board, and you can take them with you to enjoy a taste of the Mediterranean.

What are you waiting for? Come along with your kids! We’ll have a great time!