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It is advisable to calculate the approximate time of the boat trip, depending on whether you are going to travel on a motor boat or a sailing boat.

Fill up the fuel tanks according to the approximate time that the trip will last. To do this, you should know the approximate consumption per hour. It is always advisable to carry a third more fuel than planned, in case of any inconvenience.


Do not take on board more passengers than allowed. Bear in mind that each boat is approved to carry a certain number of people in a defined area. It is very important not to break the rules when it comes to the comfort and safety of the passengers.

First aid and cover: We have a first aid kit. When sailing with a skipper, it is important that the skipper knows if a passenger is taking any medication or is allergic to any medication, in case a passenger needs first aid. It should be taken into account that far from the coast mobile phones do not usually have coverage, so you will not be able to send or receive calls, although mobile coverage may be available at some points near the coast.

We, from Lovit Charter Puerto Banús, will take care of having food and drinks available for the passengers on board.


It is also important to know the weather information for the day of the crossing, and to adapt the plans according to the weather. In the event of bad weather, we advise postponing the crossing to another day when the weather is more favourable. Weather forecasting methods are becoming increasingly advanced and therefore more reliable.


Clothing and accessories. Even in summer, it is advisable to take some warm clothing, as in the sea, the wind chill can drop due to the humidity. It is also advisable to bring a mackintosh.

Prepare footwear. Ideally, wear water shoes or rubber-soled shoes, as rubber-soled shoes have a better grip on wet surfaces.

Of course, don’t forget the essentials for sailing: sun cream, a change of dry clothes, nautical equipment, cap, sunglasses, etc.

Planning your trip, anticipating adversities and preparing everything as much as possible are the keys to enjoy a perfect day of sailing with Lovit Charter Puerto Banus.

Go sailing on the Costa del Sol and get to know this idyllic spot from the sea with us. Make your route an unforgettable trip.